Ania Zalewska

Ania Zalewska is a Professor of Finance and Director of the Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS) at the School of Management, University of Bath, UK.

Having both a mathematics and economics background (she holds a PhD in Mathematics from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, and a PhD in Economics from the London Business School), her research interests include pension reform, regulation, governance, managerial incentives, and the evolving nature of market risk. She has published in leading academic journals (e.g. Journal of Financial Economics, Economic Journal, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance). Her opinions have also featured in Financial Times, The Times, The Economist, The Hill and many other international outlets. Ania Zalewska has advised various governmental bodies (e.g. the Competition Commission, HMRC, FSA, DECC, BEIS, the Committee on Standards in Public Life and leading international companies on financial issues).

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