Barbara Misztal

Emeritus Professor of the University of Leicester, MA (Warsaw), PhD (Polish Academy of Sciences), Post-doctoral Fellowship (California).
Barbara Misztal deals with the theory of sociology (with emphasis on the issues of trust, social cooperation, dignity, forgiveness and collective memory) and political sociology (especially issues of political change and democracy).

She is the author of, among others: “The Challenges of Vulnerability: In Search of Strategies for a less Vulnerable Society” (Palgrave 2011), “Intellectuals and the Public Good. Creativity and Courage “(Cambridge University Press, 2007),” Trust in Modern Society “(Politics, 1996),” Informality: Social Theory and Contemporary Practice “(Routledge, 2000),” Social Theories of Remembering “(Open University, 2003 ), “Action on AIDS” (ed. With D. Moss) (Greenwood Press, 1990) and “Multiple Normalities: making sense of ways of living” (Palgrave, 2011).

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