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At the end of January 2019, a decision was made to organize the first congress of Concilium Civitas, i.e. a group of the most outstanding Polish social science scientists working outside Poland at the world’s best universities, such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, etc.
The authors of this initiative were professors: Grzegorz Ekiert – sociologist, Harvard University,  Anna Grzymała-Busse – political scientist, Stanford University, Jan Kubik – sociologist, Rutgers University, University of London, Wojciech Sadurski – lawyer, University of Sydney and Jan Zielonka – lawyer, political scientist, Oxford University. On the national side, the idea was coordinated by Jacek Żakowski – head of the Department of Journalism at Collegium Civitas.
In total, as many as 30 Polish scientists from all over the world approved this, and often enthusiastically, 20 of them, of which 20 guaranteed their participation in the First Congress, despite the fact that the events were very tight by the standards of this class of scientists. Most importantly, however, they all declared to participate in all activities of Concilium Civitas pro publico bono, which in itself seems to be an unprecedented event and worthy of the highest respect.
In his founding manifest, then accepted by all others (…)

Embassy of Concilium Civitas

Will they steal our choices? Can we not allow this?

The Concilium Civitas Embassy invites you to a lecture
member of Concilium Civitas, creator of network profiling
prof. Michał Kosiński (Stanford University)
under the title: “A wonderful new world. Lies, polarization, reverbs and network manipulations. “
December 20, 2019 (Friday) – XII floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, Aula Collegium Civitas, at 18:00.
Free admission only after booking via email sent to:  ambasadaconcilium@civitas.edu.pl

Professor Michał Kosiński, a member of Concilium Civitas, is a young Polish scientist who, thanks to his algorithm, is now being talked about by the whole world.
Is it possible to create a personality model for every social media user, taking into account only their online activity?  Yes, and our compatriot Michał Kosiński did it,  lecturer at Stanford University, social psychologist of the Internet. He is a man that the greatest of this world are fighting for at the moment, because his knowledge can be used as a tool to obtain not only big money, but also huge power. Professor Kosiński has developed a method of social research (…)

Young Concilium

Young Concilium is an initiative of Concilium Civitas members implemented by the Collegium Civitas Foundation.

The goal of the Young Concilium is to actively involve the young generation in participating in the debate on public affairs and our future.

The first group of 100 members of the Young Concilium will be selected by an ongoing nationwide competition (… link to the competition …) for high school graduates for an essay / article / reportage under the slogan “I, Poland, Europe, World – 2040”

Young Concilium will meet for the first time in Warsaw on July 13-14, 2020, to publicly discuss the most important problems of Poland and the world with members of Concilium Civitas for two days.

The meeting will be accompanied by the edition of Young Almanac 2020/2021 containing the most interesting competition works.

During the July meeting, we will also talk about other possible activities of Young Concilium.

Concilium 2020

Concilium Civitas gathering Polish social science professors from the best foreign universities will meet for the second time in Warsaw on July 15-16, 2020 to discuss the most important contemporary problems of Poland and the world.
Similarly to the first time, Concilium public debates will be accompanied by the edition of “Almanac”, which will consist of texts written by the most eminent Polish intellectuals working abroad.
Concilium Civitas debates for the first time directly (July 13-14, 2020) will be preceded by the meeting of the “Young Concilium”. It will include 100 this year’s high school graduates – finalists of the essay “I, Poland, Europe, World – 2040” announced by Concilium Civitas.

During the two-day meeting of the “Young Concilium” in Warsaw (13-14 July 2020), its participants will have the chance to discuss the most important matters not only among themselves, but also with members of Concilium Civitas.

The organizer and host of the second congress of Concilium Civitas and the competition and meeting of the “Young Concilium” is the Department of Journalism at Collegium Civitas.

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