Irena Grudzińska-Gross

Irena Grudzińska-Gross – literary historian, historian of ideas, essayist and publicist.
Associate Research Scholar (since 2008) at the Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literatures of Princeton University and visiting professor (since 2010) at the Institute of Slavic Studies PAS. She obtained her doctorate at Columbia University in New York. She lectured at New York University. In the years 1998–2003 she was responsible for the Central and Eastern Europe program at the Ford Foundation. In the years 2003–2008 director of the Boston University Institute of Humanities. Member of the Polish Scientific Society in Exile.

Author of essays, reviews and journalistic texts in the following magazines: ‘Annex’, ‘Res Publica’, ‘The New Yorker’, ‘Slavic Review’, ‘La Fiera Letteraria’, ‘Polish Review’, and ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. She is also the author of books, among others: “The Art of Solidarity”, Staten Island 1985, “Stigma of the Revolution. Custine, Tocqueville and Romantic Imagination “, PWN 1995; Edition 2 revised – “The stigma of the revolution. Custine, Tocqueville, Mickiewicz and Romantic Imagination “, PWN 2000,” Miłosz and Brodski “. Magnetic field, Sign, 2007.

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