Wojciech Sadurski

Professor at the European University Institute in Florence, professor at the University of Sydney, associate professor at the University of Warsaw. Publicist, political commentator.
Wojciech Sadurski from 1983 to 1985 lectured in law at the University of Melbourne, and in 1985–1993 at the University of Sydney. In the years 2003–2006 he was the dean of the Faculty of European Law at the University Institute. He guest lectured at the University of Sydney (1981–1982), at Yale Law School (1983–1984), Cornell University School of Law in Ithaca, N.Y., USA (1995–1996) and Saint Louis University School of Law (1998).

In scientific work he deals with, among others theory and philosophy of law, political philosophy, theory of justice, liberalism and constitutional law.

He is a member of, among others the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, the Australian Society of the Philosophy of Law (he was its secretary general and president), in 1987–1991 he was the secretary general of the International Association of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, and in 1995–1999 a member of the Executive Committee. sits on the Program Council of the Political and Legal Thought Center Alexis de Tocqueville. He is also a member of editorial boards, including “Sydney Law Review”; Journal of Political Philosophy; “Hong Kong Law Journal; Politics, Philosophy and Economics. ” In 2017, he became a member of the program board of the Archive of Wiktor Osiatynski.

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